Workshops Fall & Winter 2017-18

Lots of things are happening over the next few months .....

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Barrie Art Club Saturday September 16, 2017 Drawing Just Dogs & Cats. Barrie Art Club welcomes non members to their workshops. Contact Barrie Art Club for further info.

Bethune House GravenhurstSaturday September 30 2017 ABC Muskoka and other Muskoka delights. An exhibition and demonstration. contact Muskoka Chautauqua for further info.

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Banbury Watercolour Workshops Wednesday November 1, 2017 Get Detail in Your Watercolours. Wet 'n wet is expressive, interpretive and fun. But, every once in a while that little detail in that section there, just needs to be brought out. My attention to detail and texture is achieved without a lot of difficulty. Banbury is an Open Studio. Arrive, sign in and put your $10.00 in the cookie tin. Enjoy and learn


Visual Arts Mississaugua Monday November 27 Vibrant Coloured Pencils. tired of colouring books? Have a bunch of coloured pencils that you are not quite sure how to use. This VAM Magic Monday brings pencil crayons to life. Experience how this available, economical medium enlivens your creativity. For further info contact Visual Arts Mississaugua Magic Mondays

at the CNE Horse Palace Just Horses Tuesdays 9 to 11 am 12 weeks of life drawing studying the members of Toronto's Mounted Unit's horses and riders. NO cameras limit of 8 participants. For further info contact the Studio

Willowdale Group of Artists March 2018 Vibrant Coloured Pencils, a demonstration