Vibrant Coloured Pencils

Coloured pencils have been around for a lifetime. The possibilities are endless with this simple portable medium. No water. No muck. No huge bag of stuff to lug around. Just Paper, or another dry surface and the pencils. They never wear out. Never dry out. Never get stale. Some of us have coloured pencils from our childhood carefully saved in their special pencil case, complete with memories of creating an imaginary world of...? Colouring books have given us permission to indulge in the joy of working with our pencil case again. BUT, when the colouring book is done, or we seek greater challenges, what to do?

Draw! Use those non soluble, available, portable, convenient, in-expensive vibrant coloured pencils to make any image come to life. Recently "Vibrant Coloured Pencils" showed a group in Richmond Hill how.

Participants MZ, AB and SP " "I really enjoyed the class . Now I want to draw and colour too. Not enough hours in the day.' ' Thank you Nola, ... the fantastic class yesterday !' 'You have different techniques ... that has encouraged me to keep drawing.
Please keep up the great work and encouragement, ...everyone can draw!' "