Just Horses, at the CNE Horse Palace, January 16 to March 2018

This winter a group of artists is trying something new., figure drawing from live horse and rider models. It's 12 weeks of drawing horses & riders. It's challenging and fun. Drawing horses is easy, make a mark on a surface. By making those easy marks with simple tools; paper & pencil, later water soluble graphite, makers etc, mostly on paper, mostly from live models, you will learn to make a final satisfying picture.

Horses do not do a 20 minute sustained pose. Horses + Riders, even less so. However poses repeat and repeat as Toronto's Mounted Unit goes through its training paces while moving in all directions.

Just Horses groups are limited to 8 participants. NO cameras!

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Just Horses is built 50 years of making pictures and conducting workshops.The program includes "Making Better Picture Book One: Just Horses"  with its 24 practical lessons drawn from a lifetime of experience drawing horses from life.




The Horse Palace exercise ring is a similar feel to the Spanish Riding School in Vienna. Its skylight provides wonderful directional light. Stands surround  the ring. They give many view points plus a handy reference grid.