Vibrant Coloured Pencils

Coloured pencils have been around for a lifetime. The possibilities are endless with this simple portable medium. No water. No muck. No huge bag of stuff to lug around. Just Paper, or another dry surface and the pencils. They never wear out. Never dry out. Never get stale. Some of us have coloured pencils from our childhood carefully saved in their special pencil case, complete with memories of creating an imaginary world of...? Colouring books have given us permission to indulge in the joy of working with our pencil case again. BUT, when the colouring book is done, or we seek greater challenges, what to do?

Draw! Use those non soluble, available, portable, convenient, in-expensive vibrant coloured pencils to make any image come to life. Recently "Vibrant Coloured Pencils" showed a group in Richmond Hill how.

Participants MZ, AB and SP " "I really enjoyed the class . Now I want to draw and colour too. Not enough hours in the day.' ' Thank you Nola, ... the fantastic class yesterday !' 'You have different techniques ... that has encouraged me to keep drawing.
Please keep up the great work and encouragement, ...everyone can draw!' "


ABC Muskoka, is back

Muskoka Chatauqua's Flavours of Muskoka will premier the little book that introduces, challenges and intrigues children of all ages on Thursday July 6, 2017 at JW Marriott's, The Rosseau Hotel and Spa, Minett Ontario.

Its new soft cover speaks to our Muskoka shores as it hides neatly in unexpected corners waiting to challenge, tease and inspire children of all ages.

As part of Culture Days 2017 Nola will be at Gravenhurst's Bethune House in late September demonstrating image making and hand building books.

In the meantime the ABC Muskoka is available through from the Studio in Toronto and at Muskoka Place Gallery      

1182 Foreman Rd., Box 172, Port Carling, ON P0B 1J0

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The Banbury Group Weekly Studio

Do you get intimidated and thinking that animals are too difficult to depict? That their colours are sort of quiet and boring?  Banburyites recently discovered that animals are way more colourful, more approachable and generally more fun than than they had thought, with watercolour, pencil crayon, markers and graphite.

Bob's Rooster

Bob's Rooster




Tired of annual dues? Tired of night programs? Tired of paid Parking? Discover the Banbury Group.

The self directed DAYTIME watercolour program for adult artists of all ages and experience.

From September to the end of May, Wednesdays from Noon to 3pm at the Banbury Community Centre, 120 Banbury Ave, North York. Practicing Ontario artists provide a one hour demonstration of their specialty, be it landscape, florals, portraits or ...? Our presenter stays advises us as we paint away the afternoon. We who stay receive personal guidance and critique at 2:30. There's always something new to learn.


No membership. No membership fees, just a flat $10.00 for each weekly 3 hour program. Parking is FREE.

Just Horses, the Horse Life Drawing Program

This winter for twelve weeks a group of artists captured horses and humans from Life. Horses did not do a 20 minute sustained pose. Horses + Riders, even less so. This was challenging and fun. No cameras!

The Horse Palace exercise ring is very similar in feel to the Spanish Riding School in Vienna. The skylight provides wonderful directional light. Stands surrounding the ring a variety of view points.

The group worked with simple paper & pencil. Participant HH after 4 sessions really captured the many members of the unit in quick accurate gesture sketches. This season is finished. The group is limited to 8 participants. No cameras. For information, please contact Nola at the Studio


Congratulations Vita

Flat Coated Retriever Rowansgaard Vita is a wonderful example of one of the founding breeds of both the British and American Kennel Clubs. Her piercing gaze is always searching for that next pick-up from the field. In the meantime she is Susan's best buddy.

Vita's black coat flows down from her elegant head to a feathery waving tail as she searches for ...?


Summer Wanderings

Summer means getting out of the studio, under a tree anywhere with a sketch book and mark makers. Doodling, drawing from the subject ... anything goes

Muskoka, the Toronto Waterfront's People, Riverdale Farm, just doodling, in the country with the retirees, Earl Bales Park.

Tess the Vizsla

Tess 14" x 10" watercolour on 140 lb Arches Cold Press.

Tess 14" x 10" watercolour on 140 lb Arches Cold Press.

Tess is a lovely dog, a very dignified princess. Her shiny textured short haired coat is a huge range of colour .....reds, oranges, pinks and browns..

Finding the texture in short haired coats is always a watercolour challenge. Too much water = no texture. Too little water = too much texture.

Finding the happy medium of texture and colour while maintaining both is a challenge.

I was contacted in early June by PG's wife. She needed a really good 60th Birthday present for the man who has everything plus an extensive very good collection of visual art. Tess's portrait was created. Presented June 26, 2016

PG's comment "I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful job you did with Tess' watercolour. I was extremely surprised and amazed on my birthday." June 29, 2016



Amber & Amber Marshall

Getting to Know You, Amber & Jock watercolour, 10" x 15"

Getting to Know You, Amber & Jock watercolour, 10" x 15"

Saturday April 2, 2016  an auction was held in support of Equine Guelph at the Markham Fairgrounds with over a thousand people in the audience. The hostess Amber Marshall of Heartland fame showed off "Getting to Know You". A very youthful new art collector, merely 10 years old, purchased the work. Congratulations to her and her family for introducing a life long passion to loving horses, collecting original art and supporting equine education.   Click on the link. Discover the world of Horses in Ontario

Do you have a favourite four footed family member? A champion in the ring? A wonderful equine view? Nola creates equine art treasures for discerning clients across North America and on around the world. 

Going Away

Going Away 12" x 20" Pen & Ink + Wax Crayon

Going Away 12" x 20" Pen & Ink + Wax Crayon

Giving a Racehorse image a new career

In 1984 my new studio's address became  "Woodbine" Hts Blvd. To celebrate this wonderful address Going Away was created in mixed media. The image examines speed in Pen & Ink with colour applied in Wax Crayon. It was created on Rising Vellum Bristol. Going Away was exhibited once and has been in a private collection ever since.

In late 2015 a client with a request, a race horse image to reflect that same 1980s era at Woodbine for a book cover. The client wished to illustrate a Trainer/Exercise rider, at dawn with a similar non background, possibly at Woodbine. Much smaller, Tails from the Track maintains speed this time in transparent watercolour.

Tails from the Track 8" x 15" Transparent Watercolour

Tails from the Track 8" x 15" Transparent Watercolour

King Charles Cavalier Spaniel Pair

Piper & Farley  transparent watercolour 9" x 12"

Piper & Farley  transparent watercolour 9" x 12"

King Charles Cavalier Spaniels have sparkling personalities. Piper and Farley  make a great pair.

Happy Birthday the client's Mum. 

Rescuing an Egg Tempera Work

"Parvedean The Governor", a Welsh Section D Stallion, lived at Relhok Farm in Muskoka, Ontario's cottage country. He and his driver trainer Jeffery Kohler were a familiar site on the Brackenrig Road. They competec throughout Ontario and the Eastern United States in combined driving events.

Every once in a while a work has challenges. Such was the case with "the Gov". "Gov" was badly damaged, from heat & humidity, after exhibition. The surface foxed and bloomed. In effect the work was destroyed. The gesso layer and carrying board was not affected. All digital reference files are gone,  the Gov had returned to Great Britain after his North American career. From a linear study and black & white record. Gov is completely new.


Parvedean the Governor  11" x 14" Egg Tempera on tempered board

Parvedean the Governor 

11" x 14" Egg Tempera on tempered board