Figure Drawing is so much more than a co-operative paid human model who agreeably poses often as directed, 20 minutes at time or more. Our Horses are not studio models. They rarely pose, but are more co-operative when supplied with a treat. Carrots(?), or a set of jangling car keys will catch their attention. Informal or competition images come from encounters anywhere. Formal  poses take the classic stances that show off conformation and character.

Portraits, are created by private treaty commission. They range from 7"x 5" (TPSMU The Recruit) to the full watercolour sheet, 22" x 30" (Seeing the Line, Colour Theory) and every size in between. The most common being a 1/4 sheet Image to fit a 16" x 20" frame. They come  in watercolour or pencil crayon or a mix of the two plus ink, graphite or egg tempera. These images are treasured, saved, ready  to be handed on to the next generation.

For information and original works pricing or to commission your personal work of art please contact the studio