Vibrant Coloured Pencils

Primary colours in coloured pencils are vibrant. The colours give immediate rewards. The medium is very forgiving. Learn to express your inner love of colour without a huge investment in stuff.

'Vibrant Coloured Pencils' lets you turn that simple outline into a personal full colour work of art.

In just a few hours learn how to turn this into this...

Beyond the Studio with Just Cats or Dogs or Horses or ???

Escape the Snapshot Photo Copycat Trap. Bring your four footed members of the family to life.

Making Better Pictures "Just" Cats or Dog or Horses or ??? is for artists of all skill levels over the age of 10 using the methods of successful figure artists, with animal subjects. Learn to see beneath the skin to the skeleton armature. How muscles make shape. How fur works. No expensive materials list, just pencils, fine line marker and plain papers.

Outcomes will be study sized.  The pages used never bigger than  8.5 x 11, usually less.

The HOST sites provides the subjects, cats, dogs or horses or ???. It is an ideal opportunity for the creative sorts found at most facilities, clubs or events. Depending on the site, the program is suited to indoors or out, weather permitting. Find out how to host this program at your site

Drawing & Watercolour workshops for the more experienced

Are you tired of the same old same old follow along format? Do you really want to make your pictures better?  Here's your opportunity to draw on Nola's lifetime of experience...

Take your paintings up a notch with advanced skills in mixed meda, watercolour + other watersoluble media + dry graphite and coloured pencilsIt's more than the fundamentals. Thefull supply list will be provided on registration.

For Drawing the supplies are simple, a spiral bound hard back sketch book (max size 8" x 10") + an HB pencil. We will get down to making pictures right away. Regular Round Table critique helps everyone develop their personal vision and understanding.

Questions? Please contact the Studio

No Mud

The square brush used in precise transparent glazes gives a whole new way to approach watercolour. NO Mud enables you to see and create with pure colour. NO Mud makes a square watercolour brush use its best asset, wide and narrow at the same time. Precise glazing layers build the image without mud. Controlled application means the paper stays flat.

Use personal reference. Create the unique image of a subject you love, figurative, floral, or landscape, or, or, or.......

Host NO Mud at your site. Find out how. Questions? Please, contact the studio.

Four Footed Family Member Portraits

"Tess the Vizsla" Age 3 12" x 10" Watercolour

"Tess the Vizsla" Age 3 12" x 10" Watercolour

A Portrait of our four footed family members is a great gift for family and friends. Escape the Snapshot Photo Copycat Trap. Learn to see beneath the skin. Discover how muscles make shapes. How fur works to create believable coat textures.

You will work in graphite, or fine line marker or watercolour or pencil crayon, or, or, or. The notes are designed for a 9" x 12" image area.

To create a predictable image use the follow along program notes. To create an image of your personal animal subject, your personal photo reference is required..



Questions? Please, contact the Studio

More CreARTivity

Making a picture is just the beginning. Tools, tips and techniques to get that picture to others, in print. Use those many photos or any series of works on your hard drive.  Five workshops with solid outcomes.

  • Make an Original Print a relief image on paper which can then become all of the following

  • Make an ABC book or poster, your files create the digital content.

  • Make Reproductions makes that digital content work in print. 

  • Make a Book, a tiny treasure book from a digital file, by hand. 

  • Make a Poster  your digital images can hang on the wall .

Book a More CreARTivity series for your group or for yourself. Questions? Please contact the studio.