Beyond the Studio with ?????

Escape the Snapshot Photo Copycat Trap. while bringing your four footed family members to life.

Making Better Pictures "Just" ??? is for artists of all skill levels over the age of 10.

Learn how successful figure artists, create their lively images, with any subject. Learn to see beneath the skin to the skeleton armature. Learn how muscles and fur work to make shapes. No expensive materials list, just pencils, fine line markers and plain papers, or your iPad with Procreate

Outcomes will be study sized.  The pages used never bigger than  8.5 x 11, usually less.

This workshop is an ideal opportunity for the creative sorts found everywhere at facilities, clubs or events. Depending on the site, the program is suited to indoors or out, weather permitting. Find out how to host this program at your site

Graphite, draws in many ways

Graphite has recorded our world, without fading, for centuries. Take your pencil out, just draw.

It’s way more than just you and an HB pencil. Drawing in graphite provides all artists with the best foundation for all the other fine art mediums. It is expressive, meditative and endlessly adaptable.

Graphite is economical, portable. With an 8” x 6” notebook you will be amazed at what you see. Works making a statement on any subject.

In a two-day workshop, learn to make your pencil work for you with any subject. Make landscapes, florals, people and animals that come alive with tone and texture.

Refresh yourself with a series of exercises that open up your imagination to new possibilities while you explore a most permanent medium.

Questions? Contact the Studio

Vibrant Coloured Pencils

Primary colors in colored pencil are vibrant. Abstraction is just the beginning. They work on any color in any colour. They give an immediate reward. They are portable very forgiving, engaging etc etc etc. Learn to express your inner love of creative vibrant colour without a huge investment in stuff. Participants take home works ranging from small scale exercises to personal images

Colored pencils work on almost any dry surface. Their ability to depict detail makes them a good partner when added texture or detail is needed in a watercolour.

Questions? Please contact the Studio

Pure Colour No Mud

The square brush used in precise transparent glazes gives a whole new way to approach watercolour. NO Mud enables you to see and create with pure colour. NO Mud makes a square watercolour brush use its best asset, wide and narrow at the same time. Precise glazing layers build the image without mud. Controlled application means the paper stays flat.

Use personal reference. Create the unique image of a subject you love, figurative, floral, or landscape, or, or, or.......

Host Pure Colour NO Mud at your site. Find out how. Questions? Please, contact the studio.