Hockey is a Winter Game. In 1893 Governor General Lord Stanley of Preston offered a cup for the best team, on it each winning city, team and player is honored. The NHL began in 1917, with a scattering of teams spread across winter landscapes. In the early years team’s name and location often changed. The best known cities were Toronto, Montreal, Boston, New York, Detroit and Chicago.. The Original Six.

The early NHL jerseys were wool, and remained so for many years. Then in the 1970s equipment began to change, to become more protective. In the 1970s and 80s the jerseys were very loose, bulky to fit over the increasingly thick protective pads. While modern Goalies are guarded by large protective gear and padding the player’s jerseys are closer to the styling of those original hand knit sweaters as the protective gear has advanced in design, shape and size. Goalies faces had no game protection until Jaques Plante’s decision to wear his practice mask. The masks quickly became a standard item, painted to the wish of the individual goalie.

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