Football is a Fall and Winter game. This is a small sample portfolio of college and professional team uniforms. The uniforms started as heavy canvas corsets with built in stiffener rod pads laced up over woolen sweaters. In college football in the late 1800s there were no helmets. Nose guards began in the 1890s By the 1929s almost every player wore a helmet primitive as they were.

Helmets started as leather and wool plus ear muffs. Later face masks were added. Now it’s space age plastics. Face masks change shape according to position and player preference.. Sometimes there are built in sunglasses. Shoulder pads and neck guards developed from practically nothing to huge wings. They’ve shrunk to sleeker, smaller and more protective, utilizing closed cell foams. Today pants are a long way from canvas with rod stiffeners on the thighs. Since Joe Namath donned his Platex leggings in the early sixties pants have morphed into pull on stretch pants without a fly, only stitching to define this element.

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