Hmm, a horse of a different colour

Hmm, a horse of a different colour

A simple goal, make pictures . Her favourite activity is making pictures of almost anything, her favourite subject is horses,.

Her first sale in 1967, a graphite image from life of an elderly horse in a paddock, made the decision to be a Professional Artist easy.  She graduated from the studio focused Ontario College of Art in 1974 AOCA Communications & Design. She successfully imagined, designed, built and installed seasonal décor for all major retail chains and shopping centre developers and many of Santa's local homes. At the same her sporting art portraits were placed in private collections along side the works of Cornelius Kreighoff, Tom Forestall, George McLean and Alex Coleville, across Canada, the United States and abroad. She’s likely the sole pure AOCA to have achieved an Adult Education Teaching Certification 1996 (AESTC) The requiremed qualification for college level instruction.

The four Royal Agricultural Winter Fair Posters tell the story of Canada's annual show window of agriculture. 2006 “A Royal ABC”, 2007 “75 Years of Innovation”, 2008 “Celebrating the Best of the Best”, and 2009 “A Royal 123”.

“ABC Muskoka” has gone around the world. This little book of lino cuts is now in its 7th printing.

The Heritage Sports Project, started in the millennial year 2000. A visual history of NFL, NHL, MLB, NCAA from 1868 to 2018. After a hiatus the project is back, updated with over 100 new images, bringing it to over 1600 individual watercolour images which examine the development of equipment and uniform styles in transparent watercolour. Plus 275 aerial views of the playing sites in pen & ink.

With the support of  the Toronto Mounted Unit, her group of horse loving artists studies the horses and riders from life, no cameras, at the CNE Horse Palace Mounted Police Headquarters. Just Horses©2018 was released in January 2018 as 24 practical lessons in support of this program.

Her pictures are for those seeking smaller works for modern spaces. She works in Graphite, Pencil Crayon, Watercolour, Egg Tempera, Pen & Ink and digitally. She”s won a few awards, had a few solo and many group exhibitions along the way. Nola is a member of the International Watercolor Society The Colored Pencil Society of America and the East York Garden Club. Formerly editing the Banbury Watercolour Workshops Brief studio, a signing member of the Toronto Watercolour Society (TWS) and associate of the Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour (CSPWC).  


Make pictures everyday. Teach others the skills they need to make their pictures, better.                                                                                 

Create works for others. They may be portraits, often they are much much, more.


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