The Banbury Watercolour Workshops Weekly Studio

Toronto's weekly DAYTIME Watercolour program

Tired of membership fees? Paid Parking? Evening programming with late night drives?

Come to the Banbury Community Center, 120 Banbury Road, North York, at noon Wednesdays

for the Banbury Watercolour Workshops Studio.

Banbury starts again Wednesday September 11, 2019. See you there!

Round table learning + supportive friendly setting,

Round table learning + supportive friendly setting,

There's always something new to learn from practicing professional artists who give a one hour demonstration of their specialty, be it method, medium or subject. Our presenter stays, to advise us as we paint away the afternoon. Those who stay receive personal guidance and critique.

Sign the attendance sheet, put $10.00 into the cookie tin,

Enjoy a 1 hour demonstration.

Stay for + 2 hours of painting guidance and critique.

Look, our upcoming presenters

No membership fees. Parking is FREE

Contact the Willowdale Group of Artists for the Fall 2019 Schedule

Betsy and Whimsy

Betsy 6” x 8” watercolour detail

Betsy 6” x 8” watercolour detail

Betsy is a rescue. She came to live at Absolute Equestrian’s Gracefield as part of the family. She is enthusiastic about her duties as alarm dog.

Betsy was shown the CanAM All Breed Equine Expo April 5, 6 & 7 at the Markham Fair Grounds.

Whimsy 6” x 8” watercolor detail

Whimsy 6” x 8” watercolor detail

Whimsy is a city dog who alternately strolls in the heart of downtown Toronto or country life adventures in the mud with the horses

Betsy & Whimsy are painted in classic transparent watercolour. They come alive using strokes that follow the textures and contours of their coats.

Just Horses

Mounted Unit ThankYou Poster 2019.jpg

Ten weeks of drawing horses & riders from life, courtesy of Toronto Police Service's Mounted Unit. We Looked, Saw and Drew the horses and their riders from life.

"Making Better Pictures Book One: Just Horses".

"Making Better Pictures Book One: Just Horses".

“Just Horses” is built on over 50 years of imaging horses and their people plus 30 years of Making Better Pictures workshops with participants of all experience levels.

Artists of all backgrounds are welcome at Just Horses. repeat participants comment that they can “see” themselves seeing more and doing more with each week, each session. This is an inside en plein aire workshop. Your. finished works are created in your studio, at the Horse Palace we sketch or study in pencil or portable water soluble mediums…or an iPad

To participate in an upcoming Just Horses just contact the Studio